About Us
Our Kennel is located in Northwest Washington off I-5 near of the town of Ferndale, Washington. 

I have owned Irish Setters from the Saturday Night bloodline since 1970 when I purchased my first red setter a son of Boom Boom of Kaymar a litter mate of Shawn of Kaymar. In 1991 I purchased a female puppy from our family Vet Dr. Jim Wilson in Miltown, WI. This female Saturday's Sassy Sadie, a daughter of Saturday Night Rap, and Saturday Night Rio Ruby, became the foundation of our kennel and will be found in the pedigree of all our dogs. 

We market our dogs only in Washington, Oregon, Northern Idaho, and California because of our policy to deliver the dog or puppy personally to the dogs new home.

The photos on this page are of our dog Saturday's Burgundy in 2009. The first photo with Bergie laying down next to his 15 year old littermate Lucy from Blaine, WA. The white face comes with age in some dogs around age 12 plus. The second photo is Bergie at the age of 15 completing one of several water retrieves from the Puget Sound at Birch Bay State Park July 04, 2009. Bergie passed away in January 2010 two months short of his sixteenth birthday. 

Bergie campaigned in NSTRA for a short time in the Northwest Region before a sever ankle injury ended his field trial career. His greatest day in NSTRA came the day he drew the English Setter NSTRA Champion Jazzie three times in a two day trail. He split the field twice with Jazzie and defeated her once 3-3 and a back.

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