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Reilly (Pictured Above) has turned out to be a fantastic dog. His conformation and physical abilities are absolutely incredible. Ironically, he ended up being a very big runner that would probably have been perfect for the field trial circuit you were pondering. Unfortunately, my work schedule and lack of knowledge have kept me from training him to his potential as a field dog. He has served mainly as a family companion and lives in our home along with our aging golden, Chelsea.As far as temperament, Reilly is a sweetheart. He plays well with other dogs and children and only shows a mild grumpy streak if he is bumped while sleeping. Once he wakes up, he quickly rolls over and stretches his legs up so you can rub his chest. Like most well-bred setters, he is high strung and very energetic around the house. he wants to play and run! The front yard has a track worn into it about 6 inches deep where Reilly charges around the perimeter doing battle with the evil forces that lurk on the other side of the fence. Meter Man and UPS Guy seem to be his greatest foes, with Trash Collector Guys coming in a close runner-up because they actually show up once a week and take our stuff. The corners of the yard have mounds of dirt pushed up against the fence about a foot high where Reilly skids to a stop at the end of his run and reverses direction. Everyone that visits the house says, "Man, he's beautiful...I've never seen anything that runs like that!"I can't thank you enough for producing such a fine dog that has become a wonderful companion for our family. Feel free to use his photo (I'll try to get you a better one) and any portions of this email for your testimonials or advertising. All I want in return is for someone else to have the opportunity to experience the love and joy we've found in Reilly. Please continue to produce this fine line of setters because they are truly exceptional.
Dave G. SmithPresident, Idaho Falconers' Association