Testimonials Continued
Here is a picture of Harvey a few years before he passed away on the right at the Lake with Fred.  He brought a lot of joy to Fred and I,  He did learn to trust again.  He was good hunting dog.  He also track me ( kae).  We play hide and seek.  1st few year was very hard for him to see Fred leave for work or any where.  He very much love Fred.  As time go by he learn to love the rest of the family.  As he learn to trust, he was very protective of us with stranger.  His hair would stick up in the back, and he would stand by me when strangers came by, letting everyone know, this is his family.  He was wonderful dog.  We missed him alot.
Pictured on the left is our new dog Rocky who we purchased from you this spring when we were ready for a new dog in our house
Many thanks,
Fred & Kae , Nelson